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Other products-Portable telescopic electronic road cone CB-LY-T7

CB-LY-T7 is an electronic road cone designed and developed by Dachengwei for road traffic safety instructions. The lamp of the T7 road cone is retractable, the tripod is foldable, easy to carry and store, and the deployment is extremely fast and simple. It can fully meet the early warning needs of traffic police, road administration, rescue, construction and other units.

   T7 is equipped with high-brightness LED lights, effective viewing distance of more than 300 meters, strong penetration, can adapt to extreme weather with low visibility. T7 appearance adopts PC high-strength plastic and ABS engineering plastic, with strong physical resistance, sun protection, oxidation resistance and rain resistance. T7 electronic road cone also has wireless intelligent networking function, which can expand more equipment and realize alarm networking.

Product display





Way of use

Open the tripod, turn the positioning sleeve, and place the road  work

Early warning method

LED lighting warning, wireless intelligent networking and alarm

Wireless communication

Wireless data transmission distance ≧150 meters

Appearance material

PC high strength plastic, ABS engineering plastic

LED Power


LED life

100,000H,Mean time without failure:10,000H

Visible distance


Working power

DC7.4V,2600mA(18650 Battery)

Charging voltage


Continuous illumination


Way to control

Automatic program control

Working environment





470mm long*110mm width *745mm high


Can be used in rainy days

 Functional advantage

(1) Portable: retractable light tube, folding tripod, the whole machine weighs about 1kg;

(2) Quick deployment: deploy the tripod to place it, and turn on the strobe light with one button;

(3) High brightness warning: red and blue flash lamp, effective sight distance up to 300m, strong penetration in haze and rainy days;

(4) Battery: 2600mA large battery, continuous illumination warning for more than 12 hours on a single charge;

(5) Applicable scenarios: road safety warning, rescue warning, law enforcement regional alert, etc.;

(6) Product resistance: anti-strong wind is not easy to fall, can be used outdoors in rainy days.


Use occasion

Using outside

Way of working

1. Open the tripod

2. Rotating positioning sleeve

3. Placing it pavement

Early warning method

LED lighting warning, wireless intelligent networking and alarm

Wireless data communication

Data transmission  150m

Product material

Using PC high-strength plastic, ABS engineering plastics

Overall size

470mm long*110mm width*(∠745mm) high

LED wavelength

Red: 620-630nm

Blue: 475-475nm

Pixel diameter


Visible distance


Overall weight


LED power


LED life


Mean time without failure: 10,000h

Working environment


Continuous illumination


Working power

DC 7.4V 1800mA(18650 battery)

Operating Voltage


way to control

Automatic program control

Windproof,waterproof and earthquake resistant

Can be used in rainy days




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