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Looking for regional agents or distributors

We are committed to developing new products and meet the requirement of the market,and do our best to ensure the competitiveness of our products in this market.DCW sincerely hope to cooperate with some company which have the relevant sales channels,as our agents,we hope we can show our respective strengths and develop the markets together.We can offer you competitive products and service,I’m looking forward to working with you and to building a harmonious society together.

一,Basic requirement:

1, Recognize our marketing concept and our products.

2, Have the ability to invest and have a sense of risk awareness,and you should also have a confidence in our cooperation.

3,Have a good reputation and technical service capabilities,have a good social relationship and adequate funds and have certain channels.

4,Have industrial and commercial business license,tax registration certificate,and you should also have an independent legal personality.

二,OEM cooperation

We can provide OEM cooperation,we will show you a reasonable prices to OEM business,and provide after-sale service to you.

You can contact us supports@dachengwei.com or call 15236208065/18002590590, and we looking forward to working with you!





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